Yesodot – The Center for Torah and Democracy– strives to promote civic-Jewish language as a basis for discourse, despite and stemming from Israel’s multi-faceted society.

Yesodot, a non-profit organization, was established following the murder of Prime Minister Yizhak Rabin, of blessed memory, by a group of educators from the religious Zionist sector, headed by Dr. Shlomo Fischer, Rabbanit Dr. Yafa Giser and Dr. Yehuda Ben Dor, alumni of the Mandel Institute, through the understanding of the need to strengthen the relationship between religious Zionist society and democracy and its values.

Yesodot creates opportunities to formulate, together with educators, language and pedagogic tools, to facilitate educational discussion with the current generation and future citizens with a Jewish-democratic emphasis, language and perspective.

In our activities, we delineate the points in common and points of disagreement, through exposure to a wide range of Jewish and democratic values. In this way, we assist educators in developing among their students a complex and coherent world view on the basis of their identity, one which grapples with these challenges.

Our activities include:

• Continuing education courses and study days for educators in formal and informal frameworks
• Study trips and consultation circles for principals, coordinators and school counselors
• Activities in the community and school for students
• Distribution of specialized lesson plans developed by us
• Inter-generational Beit Midrash for alumni of religious pre-military preparatory academies (mechinot)
• Activities in the community and school during the bar mitzva year
• Distribution of booklets and newsletters on current burning issues
• Educational trips and workshops adapted according to individual need

Guiding Principles:


Yesodot is committed to the values of Torah and mitzvot and to the values of democracy and the way of life that reflects them, and views the values of democracy as a realization of Jewish values, which serve as a platform to the establishment of a reciprocal society in the State of Israel. Yesodot views democracy as the appropriate approach to managing life in the State of Israel.


Yesodot aims to develop a dialogue which includes mutual listening and the ability to formulate complex world views regarding ethical issues in the public sphere in the State of Israel.

Respect and Equity

Yesodot believes that the State of Israel is a shared space, which includes non-Jewish citizens, and is committed to respect and equity for all citizens of Israel in the spirit of the Declaration of Independence.

Open Dialogue

Yesodot is a religious Zionist non-profit organization which welcomes to the table all partners to participate in the civic discussion of the Jewish-democratic State of Israel.


Yesodot strives to facilitate discussion of the core civic topics on the basis of common Jewish-civic language, without imposing beliefs and opinions on the target populations.


Yesodot believes that reliance on Jewish sources is an essential component in addressing civic topics as a way of fostering a Jewish-democratic culture in the State of Israel.